Planning and Zoning

Zoning Administrator: Grant Hansen

Address:  188 E. 200 S.
Phone:      528-3582

Planning Commission         

Board of Appeal                  

Dennis Faatz Robert Christiansen
Adam Peterson Johnny Anderson
James Carrey Andy Peterson
Doug Bjerregaard Doreen Jacobs
Jake Dyreng - Councilmember Joe Donaldson
Catherine Bartholomew-Alternate Wes Coates-Alternate


Mayfield Town Ordinances can be viewed here:

To obtain an application for a zoning permit, contact Amanda at the Mayfield Town office (435)528-5061

Zoning Fees
New Home  $100.00
Large Commercial $150.00
Accessory Building (under 400 sq.ft) $20.00
Accessory Building (over 400 sq.ft) $50.00
Fence Permit $25.00
Lot Split Request $100.00
Zone Change Request $100.00
Appeal or Variance Request $100.00
Annexation (including county survey) $1,000.00
Impact Fees $2,400.00
New water connection (3/4 line) $1,500.00